/Don’t Be Fooled By Social Media: Why Every Entrepreneur Still Needs A Website

Don’t Be Fooled By Social Media: Why Every Entrepreneur Still Needs A Website

Every entrepreneur should want to know how to grow their business. How can I make money even while I am sleeping? If I wanted customers in other countries, how can I reach them? Before you invest thousands of dollars in a website, finish reading this article. You would be surprised how many small to medium-sized businesses are relying on social media only for an online presence. Likes and followers can be collected, but you will not have your customers’ full attention.

Part of great marketing for your business is having a website. In the past web development and design was in high demand because there was a high level skill needed to build storefronts or minimally functional websites. While complex web applications still need this level of skill, there are several options on the market that even novice users can take advantage of and have a website up and running within hours. Some of the advantages include:

-Consumers will have 27/7 access to your services/products

-The ability to transact both domestic and foreign business

-Consumers can get their questions answered and stay informed

-Businesses can manage their consumer relationships with email addresses, forms, and other web hosting add-ons

In addition to having a website, it is also important for businesses to have email addresses that match their domain names and not the third party mail names (ex. joesplumbing@gmail.com vs joe@joesplumbing.com). Customers will appreciate the professional look of your email address. Where should you start your search? Web Hosting companies are one-stop shops where you can ensure that your business is accessible 24/7, manage emails, and maintain the design/content of the website.

To help you in your search, we have created a small list of web hosting companies that can help you get started.

HostGator offers a full range of hosting packages as well as Award Winning 24/7/365 support via phone, email, and LiveChat. They now offer a variety of packages and products including Shared, Optimized WordPress, Cloud Hosting and more. Along with this, packages come with Site Building Tools, Templates, and Shopping Cart Software for E-Commerce. They can also assist with migrating existing websites from other hosts for new customers at no charge.

TMD Hosting has been one of the more dependable web hosting companies for years. Their starter package includes unlimited bandwidth and SSD space (storage). Customers will also get a free domain name, premium support, cpanel, and optimum cache. With two datacenters in the US and several others across the globe, reliability will not be a problem with this company.

BlueHost boasts that it is powering over 2 Million websites worldwide. One of their highlighted features is the 1-click WordPress install. Customer will also get a free domain, access to Site Builder for easy web design and development, and 24/7 support. BlueHost’s new cloud service gives customers the opportunity to scale their business while using reliable technology for an affordable price.

Regardless of which web hosting provider you decide to go with, having an online presence is a must. Some may be tempted to have only a social media presence, but businesses need a web space that allows their customers to focus on their products and services without distractions. Start scaling your business and increasing accessibility today by creating a website for your business.