/Chicago-Based Startup Looks To Rebuild The Gig Economy One Chore At A Time

Chicago-Based Startup Looks To Rebuild The Gig Economy One Chore At A Time

“Uber meets Priceline meets Salesforce for household projects”. Founded by Tarik Khribech, Adam Cisek, Karrie Sullivan, and Florence Hardy; ChoreRelief is a Chicago-based startup that aims to eliminate challenges related to sourcing and transacting household business. According to ChoreRelief, consumers and small businesses share common frustrations when they attempt to source and complete household projects. Imagine setting a price for a service and being able to track progress. You use your smart phone app to request a small plumbing job and see who is going to do the work. Customers can even track when the provider is going to arrive. ChoreRelief has elevated the small jobs and annoying chores market by connecting consumers and providers using an interactive web platform and mobile app.

ChoreRelief has tapped into the frustrations of both consumers and providers. No one can deny the difficulty in finding the right person or company to perform a small job. Some contractors place small jobs low on the priority list, often not showing up at all. Estimates for small jobs are delivered slowly or priced on-the-fly, often blindsiding the customer. The providers for small jobs can often become frustrated with dealing with a marketplace flooded by companies that are mainly seeking large jobs. This type of marketplace can make it seem somewhat impossible for providers to keep a steady stream of customers. Too often providers for small jobs are unorganized and lack the tools necessary to support sales tracking, scheduling, and customer communication.

Entrepreneurs are provided with several tools and education to run their business. Providers have the ability to handle hundreds of chores. ChoreRelief’s software also provides tools for entrepreneurs that have employees. Some of the highlighted provider tools include schedules for employees; monitoring the progress of jobs; access to sales reports; access to customer database; and marketing/payment tools. What tools are being used to get everyone connected? The company uses SaaS (Software as a Service) and mobile apps to connect consumers with those who do yard work, clean houses, wash cars, and etc. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate making it attractive to any provider that may not be that tech savvy, but wants to leverage the tools available to take their business to the next level.

ChoreRelief’s formula for building a network of providers revolves around a core principle; providers should be treated like human beings not products. “The sharing economy has lost sight of the humanity of work. People want to be treated with dignity and respect and control of their own destiny.  The sharing economy needs to share the economy”. Chicago and New York City users continue to grow. This supports idea that the on-demand employment model works.

ChoreRelief is a title III crowdfunding campaign and is actively accepting investments. Successful apps has been launched in iTunes and downloaded by consumers and providers in Chicago and New York. The company plans to launch Android apps in the Google Play Store as well as invest in marketing to expand their customer base.