Inclusive Innovation Incubator: How Howard University And DC Plan To Attract A Confident and Innovative Community

Howard University will have a soft opening for its new business incubator in a few weeks. The building is located at 2301 Georgia Ave. N.W. across from Howard University’s Campus. The building is highlighted by 22 foot ceilings, LED lighting, and bright colors throughout. Gaven Daniels designed the incubator with the idea of have a comfortable environment for a diverse community to feel confident and capable of innovating.

The nearly 8,000-square-foot incubator has nearly 60 workstations, 11 offices and five classrooms. DC provided $1 Million dollars in grants to help fund the building. Operating the building annually could cost as much as 1.2 Million dollars, which makes finding corporate sponsors a high priority. Last February, the city and Howard picked Aaron Saunders‘ Clearly Innovative’s education arm, Luma Lab, to run the space. Saunders is paying rent to Howard.

“Drop-in visitors can pay $40 to access the lounge and the workstations, while a $300 monthly membership gets you unlimited access to any available seat in the lounge or a workstation. Everyone who uses the incubator gets access to printing and to private booths for phone calls, as well as office hours with In3 mentors.

For a $400 monthly fee, members get their own dedicated personal desk space, mail handling services, a personal locker and the ability to host private events at the space. For $600 a month you can get a private office space for one person or up to four people, along with all of the other items mentioned” (Washington Business Journal).

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