Tech Giant To Combat Racial Injustice: How Google Is Joining The Conversation About Race, Policing, and Criminal Sentencing

In an effort to combat racial bias in policing and criminal sentencing, Google donated 11.5 million dollars in grants to four organizations combating racial disparities in the criminal justice system. “It’s hard to measure justice,” Phillip Atiba Goff, co-founder and president at the Center for Policing Equity (which will receive $5 million, the largest share of Google’s grants), told USA Today. “In policing, data are so sparse and they are not shared broadly. The National Justice Database is an attempt to measure justice so that people who want to do the right thing can use that metric to lay out a GPS for getting where we are trying to go. That’s really what we see Google as being a key partner in helping us do.”

One of the groups Google is supporting is the Equal Justice Initiative which is a group that Black Lives Matter has endorsed. The story is a fascinating one as Google is known for its lack of diversity in its work force. Still it is an encouraging sign to see that the company is not afraid to join the conversation of racial bias in policing and criminal sentencing.

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