Detroit’s Resurgence: The Social Club Is One Of Many Reasons The City Is Making A Comeback

The Social Club, a barbershop that impacts the community and the natural environment is one of many black-owned businesses being credited with being a part of Detroit’s resurgence. The company aims to rebuild the American community by expanding into all realms of modern gentlemen: Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, and others. Bonding, socializing, and exchanging ideas is what the social club brings back to the barbershop.

Founded by Sebastian Jackson in 2012, the Social Club is committed to offering a hassle-free, yet high quality experience, without the pretensions of a salon. Jackson had his first three business plans rejected by Wayne State University, his desired location for The Social Club. Eventually Sebastian and his wife Gabrielle opened The Social Club Grooming on WSU’s main campus, built with reclaimed lumber from blighted Detroit homes.

The Social Club is giving back by partnering with a local park to build a greener city by providing hair clippings to be used as fertilizer for 200 trees. The Social Club has drawn in some big names including NFL running back Reggie Bush and Detroit Born neo-soul singer Dwele. Described as “Our Superman in Detroit” by a 2013 article, Sebastian Jackson represents what America needs more of; passionate entrepreneurs with fresh ideas that look to inspire change while making the world a little better every day.

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